Caspian Del Caerleon

Lord of Del Caerleon Family, Master of Nightshade, The Sanguine Templar


Race: True Born Vampyre


Caspian has been around for nearly 260 years. Over that time he has served as a Vampyre Knight in his own house, served as secundus for a number of other lords before creating his own Empire.

In 1899 he killed his Mother, Maria Del Caerleon and assumed the mantle of the House as he was the only True Born Vampyre to do so.

With this change in stature he grew influence for the first half of the 20th Century in Orlando, Florida. Once reaching this prominence in 2000 he left Orlando to his Reborn son Esteban before relocating his interests in New Orleans where he immediately deposed its Lord and quickly establishing himself and his family there.

In 2005 he sired his latestest Childer Casserina, who later became Oracle of Nyx. By some strange quirk of fate she also became True Born and has bore Caspian a True Born Daughter Katheryn.

Caspian has no direct control of the city of New Orleans or Orlando instead he places that access and responsibility to his childer Esteban and Melanie.

Caspian Del Caerleon

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